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Thread: Looking for Writing Guide/Mentor

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    Benevolent Bard DanielSTJ's Avatar
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    Looking for Writing Guide/Mentor

    Hello again WF!

    I'm considering all options with publishing and, generally, believe I need a bit of a guide/mentor in the art and craft. I am looking for someone to help make me a better writer. I think, for all purposes considered, that I will delving into the self-publishing domain. I write poetry, short stories, and novels. As of yet, I have one published credit in a small start-up magazine to my name and want to accelerate my progress. I really think that my dream of being a writer can be done in 15-20 years if I plan this out right and I'm looking for someone in for the long haul that could generally help me with my work. This can range from anything from bouncing around ideas (or helping me refine my own) to collaborative writing to everything and all aspects. I'm a 29 year-old male from Canada looking to make my mark on the literary scene and I really want to improve. I will be getting a budget for my work and hope someone would be kind enough to assess my work and help me figure out (especially) how to market it- I can do research, but it's the most difficult aspect for me. I want to fully go the self-publishing route. It really sounds like the right thing for me. It's like being a director, but of literature!

    NOW, I will post some work in the coming days in this topic and around the forum so that you (kind reader) will have a chance to see where I'm at. I don't mind starting from the bottom and I know that practice makes perfect. My ideal, dream-like goal is to make enough money to rent a cheap apartment and live frugally- additionally, I will be getting some financial help from my father. That is it. My goals don't involve sports cars, fancy dinners, mesmerizing holidays- no, no, no. I wish to live just on the cusp of poverty, yet able to eat and pay simple bills. I really want this and I hope that someone can help guide me. I feel my biggest weakness is understanding how to write something to a specific audience and then marketing it appropriately.

    P.S. I have several novels completed in rough drafts, a bunch of short stories, and more poetry than I know what to do with.

    P.S.S. PM me if you want me to send you synopsis' of projects and/or a list. I'd be more than willing to oblige.
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