Okay, I've gotten a little ways down the road on my self-publishing journey but now I'm stuck.

I've decided to turn one of my novels and one of my novellas into ebooks, for starters.

Both are thoroughly edited. Check.

I purchased two excellent premade covers, for the e-version only. Check.

I've decided on Draft2Digital for the novel. It looks like where the novel is concerned, they'll take it from there. Check.

It's with the novella that I have a problem. It's too short for Draft2Digital, so I want to put it on Amazon.com myself... but I don't know how to format a Word docx into an e-pub doc and I honestly will not be able to learn how. I'm not unwilling to learn or to put in the time, it's just that I don't have reliable Internet access. I live in a remote area that has only satellite Internet and it only works in fits and starts. There's never a long enough connection to, say, watch a YouTube video or surf the Internet. If I hit a link, it can be awhile before I'm connected. If I hit send on an email, it might take as long as an hour to depart. So I need help with this conversion process since I can't do it myself online.

I am casting around for a service that will format my novella (which is in chapters and has a couple tricky paragraphs--mock newspaper articles and text message) so that it will look nice on Kindle.

I figure once I have this I can load the formatted text along with my cover from a computer at my local library, provided it will only take a half an hour.

Of course I'm willing to pay for this formatting service but I've so far only found more comprehensive package services which offer editing and proofreading (not needed), and cover design (have one), along with formatting (NEED) and an ISBN number (NEED). Some services offer marketing as well, but right now I only want to get the darn thing formatted.

Can anybody recommend such a service?

Thank you!