Just wondering if any other PoC writers were encountering the same issues. An editor friend of mine, also an aspiring writer and a PoC, mentioned that fellow (non-PoC) editors were always telling her to write about her "culture" "ethnicity" and "unique experiences." But she's obsessed with very different things in her writing- things decidedly not #ownvoices- and she says she's seen that happening to a lot of her PoC peers. I think I'm coming up against the same thing, though I'm a newbie, so I don't know if what she's saying is true or not. Then there is the proliferation of non-PoC's writing PoC cultures, or fantasy adaptations of said cultures. It kinda galls me that I'm pressured to do something that non-PoC authors get away with so easily.
TldR: Are my fellow PoC writers always told to address identity and "authentic" cultural experience in your narratives? Is this A Thing?