I've been struggling with my manuscript. It's not very marketable because it's Paranormal Rom YA... I've heard that market's pretty saturated. Some interest, but it flailed at acquisitions.
On sub no one bit, except for one editor, who asked for an RnR. So I revised, sent it off, only to receive more RnR. The first round of revisions strengthened the work. Not sure about the second round, I'm still processing it. Frankly I'm getting sick of looking at the manuscript or even thinking about it, especially with no guarantees of acceptance. I'm starting to get tunnel vision from all the changes. Thinking of putting it away for a couple of months to get fresh perspective and starting something new in the meantime, but would that seem like I'm abandoning the manuscript, to the editor? I feel like it has such a slim chance on the market anyway. I know I'll change my mind in a day or two, but it just seems like so much energy right now.
Also, I probably just need a refresher, a palate cleanser. What's the writing equivalent of a mid-course sorbet?