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Thread: Hello All!

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Sep 2019

    Hello All!

    I want to keep my real life name private, but, you can call be either JJ-Blocks or J-J!

    I have been writing short stories and fiction for as long as I could write. My favorite stories to wright have always been adventure and suspenseful stories, although, I do like to write an occasional horror story! I have lived in the the general L.A metropolitan area all my life. As a result, almost all of my work has been created in an urban environment, except when I write an occasional horror story; the thought of some big monster roaming in an area that is unfamiliar to me is utterly horrifying, but, I digress.

    My other pass-times are reading, "Read The Lion Witch And The Wardrobe, it is not only one of the best fantasy books, but, dare I say, one of the best books ever." studying history, and watching movies "Han shot first."

    But, enough about me, I want to know more about YOU, what are your favorite books, movies, songs, etc. Why did you come to this forum and what do you hope to achieve in life?
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