Hi, Iím twitchycat. I come from a time when people didnít use their real names on the internet. We also read books and entertained ourselves by activities like jumping over strings attached to our legs and playing pretend. We got to do all these things, of course, because we werenít expected to learn computer programming and nuclear physics by the age of twelve.

I have a tendency to clamber atop my soapbox and spout off about societal issues that bother me particularly. Of course Iím sure you do as well. Weíre all writers here.

So. Authors I love. Mostly in sci-fi and fantasy; Robin Hobb, Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, Melanie Rawn and Tracy Hickman, Tolkien, Lewis, Rowling, etc etc ad infinitum. I also still hold special fondness for Brian Jacques, Bruce Coville, and L.J. Smith for the YA books that started my love for reading.

I like stories. I like to write them and I like to read them and I like to make them better. Iím interested in getting into critiques here and hopefully finding some beta-swapping buddies. I have a couple of dystopian short stories published on Amazon to my admiring Facebook audience of twenty, and Iíd like to learn and get better and help others here do the same. Iíve been writing since I was a kid, but never as seriously as now. I look forward to meeting some friends here!