Once I started on my quest to read and write more and better respectively, I’ve approached both with kind of an academic perspective (rather than just for pleasure), forcing myself to more thoughtfully note nuances and details. In my slog through about the last 50-100 books, I have noticed that fantasy stories often make up words, with some authors more inclined than others. For instance, in my reading of GoT, it seems that GRRM spends a lot of time explaining new words and languages in his writings. I think this is partly why his books are such lengthy reads. As recently as Dance With Dragons, he spent two paragraphs introducing the word hathay

Finally, I got it, and was able to continue on with the story and it occurred to me that creating worlds, new languages and words can be both appealing but also can bite you in the arse. With that in mind, thought I’d start a discussion about the whole concept of creating new words in your readings and writings. What has been your experience? Have they been good or bad?