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Gregg Bell, you're so funny. It looks like a penis, now

- - - Updated - - -

* Clears throat *


That might be what you want. And I get why they're all shooting at each other, and why you made the changes.

Right. Bear in mind that I do like pretty much all of them!

So, the latest one has lost the visual gag created by the funny shaped cacti in the very first one you posted. They just look comical, for some reason.

Also, the pictures on this latest cover are now making a rectangle, rather than the appealing triangle you had earlier. It's harder to get drawn in, as everything is the same size.

Can I suggest that you keep the men as they are, and change the cactus back to the simple image from cover 1. But make it smaller. This will create perspective, as it will look as though it's far away.

Or, making it larger might be better still. Then you'd have the triangular shape again.

Sorry to confuse things further. Well done.
Uh, no, lol, pastel, I was not after the NC-17 rating. Thing is if I had an uneven cactus it would be impossible to center the guy behind it.

It's interesting that you say the 'funny shaped cacti' in the first one. I think that's because they're clip art and most clip art is playful. I like what you said about the the first cover. The perspective and getting drawn in. I'm leaning toward using that one. Thanks.