Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm a writer in Texas just getting started on her journey after years of trying different things like animation, web development, music, game development, art, and even journalism.

I *did* write a lot around 2005 when I was a child, but it was just a fun thing to do back then. Creating characters and stories has really stayed with me ever since, though. I have a very active imagination - time and again, I'll catch myself writing down random characters that pop into my head, and writing little snippets of stories that I'm thinking up at the moment. A lot of those writings are still in my phone, computer, and journals! That's a big sign to me that I really do have a passion for writing and could be a good writer. I have quite a lot of story ideas, but my personal goal now is to publish at least ONE novel.

Right now, my reading and writing is mostly in the adventure genre, because it's the genre I like the most with its thrilling action, satisfying endings, and flawed heroes still worthy of support. But I've recently seen that adventure can cross over into fantasy, sci-fi, and even horror, too, so I've been reading things like Ursula K. LeGuin's The Telling, Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan series, and J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Stephen King is a big favorite of mine now, too. I hadn't read any of his books before, and I recently finished The Stand (the extended, uncut version!) and loved it. I'll be reading IT next, so that should be exciting!

The only real hobbies I have these days are gaming and tinkering with the two laptops I have (having them run Linux and Windows, installing a Bluetooth adapter on the older laptop, running virtual machines, that kind of thing.) I volunteer semi-regularly at a computer organization that will fix up donated PCs and laptops, install screen readers, and ship them to blind clients. I would have built my own gaming PC, too - if I hadn't just been gifted a new laptop that has pretty much all the specs I wanted in my built PC. I'm even considering getting a COMPTIA A+ license, and maybe even extending to other licenses beyond that.

I came here because of my goal above, and to meet other writers and learn from them. Looking forward to meeting all of you!