I was one of those white women who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Now I see what a terrible mistake I made

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Prior to the 2016 presidential election, I was a happily uninvolved voter. I dutifully voted in all presidential and Senate elections. Downstream races and mid-terms elections, not so much.

In my first presidential election in 1984, I voted for Ronald Reagan. I’ve voted for all Republican presidential and most Republican Senate nominees ever since.

The 2016 campaign was like watching a gut-wrenching season of roller derby. Everything about it felt unprecedented. Donald Trump’s campaign was a daily sideshow of bad behavior. I never believed he’d win the nomination. I kept waiting for my fellow Republicans to wake up and come to their senses. I’d thought the lions of the Senate, the institutionalists in the House, the serious-minded law-and-order GOP party would surely step in to stop the craziness. But, no. It was Clinton v. Trump.


Since Trump was elected, I’ve had what I refer to as my political rude awakening. I could no longer be blissfully unaware or uninterested in politics. How can you ignore this administration’s 24/7 chaotic, frenetic shit-show? Every day is a new outrage, a new abuse, a new way to marginalize and divide people. Every day is a new level of lawlessness and self-serving greed.

Trump and his followers have worked to game the system for their political and financial gain. There are no guardrails. There are no checks and balances. Legal subpoenas? Trump says ignore them, or make up some bogus immunity claim. Trump and Barr spit in the face of our legal system as our elected leaders — Democrats and Republicans alike — refuse to hold this administration accountable.

My politics and involvement in the political process have been irrevocably changed. The Republicans have all bought into Trump’s chaos, lies, bullying and rage-tweeting. “Great,” they say, “his base loves him.” They’re all complicit. The abject cruelty to immigrants and others of brown and black skin are perfectly acceptable to Republicans, as long as they win the next election and continue to hold power. The sheer lawlessness and incompetence are staggering.