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Are titles meant to tell you something about a character, or more to give you a sense of the kind of story you're getting into?
From straight-up 'Murder' or 'Death' to something more atmospheric, like 'Shadows on the Bayou', or 'A Spiral of Pixies', isn't the title just a way of luring you in?
I think the complaint isn't so much about the ability of those kind of titles to sell--obviously they do--but that they seem to be about a character, but in fact are not. So often it's a daughter where the descriptor is about the father. Particularly, in YA, where the story has to be a teen, why focus on the teen's father? Why start out suggesting that the MC is only as interesting as their parents?

The one I remember that was a mother, not a father, was the Sin-Eater's Daughter. Very misleading title, as the sin-eating was described in one memory, and had no effect on the entire story

My favorite, alas, did not come to pass. I had hoped The Daughter of the Pirate King would reveal that her secret was that she was trans. That would've made me love that title. Sadly, that was not the secret.