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Thread: One person addressing two people separately, new paragraph or not?

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    practical experience, FTW MaeZe's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
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    One person addressing two people separately, new paragraph or not?

    For example,

    "Siri, turn the lights down."
    "Is that better?" Mary asked.

    One paragraph or two, and one quote set or do you include it all in one quote?

    Or one set, opening and closing over the two paragraphs?

    "Siri, turn the lights down.
    "Is that better?" Mary asked.

    Or do I need to divide it some other way?

    "Siri, turn the lights down," I commanded. Turning to Missy, I asked, "Is that better?"

    It could also be speaking separately to two people, not just commanding a thing.

    Thanks in advance. This odd thing would take me a while to hunt the answer down, maybe one of you already has.
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