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So, this is the first time I joined up for November NaNo. I have never done it before, and it's going to be my first time doing it. I'm going in knowing next to nothing about it, so I am worried.

My typing speed is abysmal. I mean, I could perhaps get four hundred words or so done in an hour if I don't take a break, but I don't have the habit of constant typing. If I push myself, I might get two thousand done in a day though, and I am still practising to improve my speed, so it's not my main concern. What worries me more is the story.

I write mostly straight from my head. Even the plot points, mainly the beginning and the end, I keep in my head. Sure I write down some ideas that come to my mind, but they are hardly enough to make a story. Right now, I just have an idea what the story is going to be about. I am not an outline person, an least not one I have to write down, but for NaNo, should I outline?
I did my first NaNo in 2010. I've done it (and won it) every year since. I'm also an unapologetic pantser.

It's different for everyone, but my advice is this:

1) Write like hell and don't look back.
2) If you've written yourself into a corner, skip over the stuck part and keep going.
3) If you don't like what you've got so far, pretend you've already rewritten it and keep going.
4) You WILL get burnt out. That's OK. Figure out a sustainable pace and allow yourself rest and mistakes.
5) "Winning" is entirely symbolic. It's not worth it if the whole process is making you miserable. On the other hand, if you enjoy it at all, it doesn't matter if you've written 50,000 words or 5.

I find it a fine excuse to take a month to completely indulge myself and write whatever pleases me. I'm almost always shocked by what comes out the other side.