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Thread: Clouds/water vapor within a Von Braun wheel space station?

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    Clouds/water vapor within a Von Braun wheel space station?

    Let's say you have one of those space stations that create gravity via rotation, (and which therefore have more gravity the further out you get from the center).

    Now let's say that at or near the axle of this wheel, there's a lot of water vapor being produced (basically normal clouds). How would they behave? Would the vapor tend to stay near the center, as there's less gravity there? Or would it be pulled by the steadily increasing gravity to the outer edge and form a layer inside the outer rim?

    Something else? Maybe collect somewhere in between the two extremes, above where air is denser but below where the gravity is lighter?

    I'm finding a fair bit of information about the behavior of smoke and vapors in zero gravity, but I can't find anything about how it would behave in a hypothetical open area with widely variable amounts of gravity.

    For the sake of the hypothetical, let's assume the temperature and atmosphere within the wheel are appropriate for comfortably supporting Earth-based lifeforms.
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