In my MS (96,000 words an episodic novel of connected stories), I have plenty of dialogue from story-three onwards. But the first two chapters (stories in my case) have only short bursts of dialogue.

In story-one (2,100 words), the first dialogue (420 words) happens after 450 words of narration. Is this too late? Its followed by only two short bursts of dialogue of 140 and 50 words.

Story-two (2,300 words) seems worse. First dialogue of only 100 words appears after 620 words of narration, followed by just one more short bit of dialogue of 200 words. Any attempt to increase or advance the dialogue is looking contrived, unless I do a total revamp of this story. (The only consolation is that story-two has MC watching TV which shows anchor reading news that provides a twist.)

I am aware there is no precise formula to fix proportions of dialogue/action/narration etc, but do I have too little of dialogue in the opening chapters/stories? Is this something an agent/publisher would generally frown on? Would appreciate comments.