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Thread: Changing gender of mc

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    Quote Originally Posted by angeliz2k View Post
    Oh, intriguing. I have not gender-swapped any characters, but it's interesting to think about whether I could and what that would entail.

    For the most part, I think the answer is going to be no, I can't gender-swap my characters because they're in historical settings, and of course gender roles were much stricter in the Victorian age (Lord, I have a love-hate relationship with the Victorians...). The Edwardians were worse, if anything. I have characters whose trajectories would've been impossible if society didn't treat women as it did at that time period. I also have a few WIPs about real people, and it would be super trippy to gender-swap those characters! A gender-swapped Marie-Antoinette anyone? (Actually, she doesn't make an appearance in the WIP, but her presence is very felt--fun to ponder, though. Oh man, that would make her Marc Antony, would it?)
    sounds like a fun read! I recall a wave of gender swapped re-imaginings of classic novels some years back, and our own eqb came up with a compelling take on the Arthur Conan Doyle books that I'm dying to read.

    What I was wondering about though was whether anyone else had this kind of doubt during the writing process. As your story developed did you ever feel perhaps your initial concept of the mc was completely wrong in some way?

    I think changing the mc's gender will always result in a dramatically different story, even in a modern setting. In my case, the project I've been working on is SF but reads a bit more like historical fiction. It takes place in a distant future post apocalyptic setting with tribal hunter gatherer groups and the beginnings of a bronze age civilization. The gender roles are strictly delineated in these societies, so it would require a massive reworking of the entire plot and secondary characters. Not entirely decided yet, but more and more it seems that a girl would be a better fit for this story, also raises the stakes in certain scenes.
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