It's also natural to improve over your first two, three, or fifty books. It is, I think, one of the more awkward aspects of writing, because you're constantly putting work you learned from out into the world.

I mean, ideally you're always getting better, right? But then looking back at past work is tricky. Try to look at it as striving to do more rather than improving on something bad. Just a shift of perspective.

If that fails, remember that you're still just creating a Thing for people to read and enjoy for a bit of money.

I don't know that the awkwardness goes away, but the more projects you're involved in, and especially with each project that does go out into the public, it gets easier to remember that each project is its own thing. So while there's no way to skip the feeling awkward, the best bet is to push through and send each project out, because it will give you better perspective. If you never finish anything, the next project will always seem way better just because it has that potential.