Hey guys. I was wondering what the general opinion is on what to do with numbers? I'm talking here about Fiction writing, as I understand Non-Fiction has numerous formats that get very formal.
I know I've already broken one rule, which is to be consistent, but then what is the editing phase for anyways.
But anyways, as you write...
What is your cut-off number,
Does it make a difference if it is your narrator talking or a character you're quoting?
Does it ever make a difference who you're quoting? I.E. someone that is smart says "Fourteen dogs went round the block," while someone implied to be less intelligent "14 dogs went round the block"
What other factors make a difference for you?
Also, I've read that a rule is applied to the whole sentence, not to individual words. So this can be correct: If 1 dog walked 3,598 steps around the block. But this is always wrong: If one dog walked 3,598 steps around the block. Do you agree with this rule, or am I reading too much into standard grammar laws?