Guh! But no, I doubt it, this was from one of those fancy places. And I think the reaction was more psychological than anything. (I've eaten real meat by accident in the past and never had a physical reaction to it. Didn't like it, but never got sick).

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Growing actual meat I think I'm really not for, especially as there's the plant-based apparently similar.

I don't have a conflicted relationship with meat -- I have a conflicted relationship with the new breed of fake meats, heh.

Am always in favour of people eating something besides meat, but eating something that's basically indistinguishable from meat, while not meat, doesn't feel like it's helping people get that meat is not food (imo, obviously), if that makes sense. It's like if there were fake fur that was perfectly indistinguishable from real. Good there'd be people not wearing real fur, but a proliferation of expensive, indistinguishable fake would, I'd think, maybe make fur continue to be desired, and then if it got cheaper to buy the real stuff... seems better, in an ideal world, to have people just shun fur.

I get it's perhaps not the most logical position, I dunno, honestly. Conflicted.
Nah, makes sense to me.