I have this linked short story collection series that I absolutely adore with all my heart called Barney and Mr. Thomas. The problem is I keep getting ideas for other linked short story collections (I only write linked short story collections). When I get a new idea I'm like, "Ooh yes!". I halt my progress in Barney and Mr. Thomas and set to work on the shiny new idea. I'll get 2,000 words into the new idea and think, "Naw. I don't really like this". Then I feel guilty that I wasn't working on Barney and Mr. Thomas.

This summer alone I've had too many of these shiny new ideas to keep track of. I haven't gotten very far on the Barney and Mr. Thomas series and I feel like I wasted my summer with all these derailing, shiny new ideas.

What do I do? I just feel this urge to have more than one project at a time going on, but I can't find one that gives me as much joy and the same vibes as Barney and Mr. Thomas.

Any help (even a hug emoji) would help.

Thanks in advance!