Post, congrats on that string of 1K+ days!
Cindy, congrats on 1k+ and the other things!
April, congrats on the great work and the good feelz
Ptero, sounds like a lot of good work over the last 24
Pia - part of the reason I did it was the desire to 'set the tone' - to just do something to break out of sitting in front of the computer eating cookies (tho that is pretty nice, too - but all things in good measure Congrats on the 209, and on Dealing with Agencies (definitely a Dreaded Task) & all on a work day. Way to rock!
Mangus, good to see you and glad to hear you're moving ahead

Day 18

WIP - 1 page
R/SC - returned some book & got some books at the liberry; got some groceries, boiled some eggs & fixed my bike a bit
BP/$$ - earning service