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Thread: September 2019 Challenge - Write Every Day!

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    practical experience, FTW Cindyt's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
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    Day 16

    Draft - 149

    Research - Picked a friend’s brain about our life in Southern Pines, NC, back in the early 60s. She was an invaluable resource for my next article, Throw Her Tomorrow.

    April - I like Google Instant Street View. It will sometimes take you off road. I “stood” right on a concrete lip above Charleston Bay in South Carolina one time. It even let me enter a historical house. You bailed pretty well. Hope you are all better now. I think I got ahold of some bad Chinese food yesterday, because I ate the leftovers today and got sick again.

    Pia - Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one! And here’s hoping the new book does very well.

    Ptero - That a pretty good word count on the nose.

    Layla - WTG on the one page!

    I worked on my crime novel’s scene chart and created a website page with directions on how to get from Miami International Airport to my fictional island, Flaming Island. I won’t use most of it, but I want the route in my head.
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