Josh Hagen: Glad you’re feeling better and awesome work hitting 1236. Susan Dennard has some revision worksheets on her website if you need a bit of guidance.

Magnus: Oh yeah, there’s nothing cleaner than the house of a person gearing up to write :P

Pterofan: I feel ye; I’m jumping ahead a lot at the moment …

Layla: I’ll take a margarita, thanks Sorry for the frustrating day, but 1.5 pages is awesome!

Keithy: Crackin’ stuff! The words are really flowing for you.

Cindyt: Good triple hit

Turns out my plan for Chapter 10 was rubbish so I spent most of yesterday planning. I did write just over 1k but I think it’ll all need to go in the bin. Back to the drawing board!

Day 11: Decent bit; 5 miles; twitch sink