Since I last published, CreateSpace has given way to KDP paperbacks and I've got a couple of questions I can't find answers to. If anybody has personal experience with this, that would be great.

First, I know that, like CS, you can't setup preoders for KDP paperbacks. That's fine, but does anyone know if you can set a release date for the paperback or are you stuck with whenever it goes up after upload? I'd like to have both formats available at the same time, but I know you couldn't do that with CS.

Second, and somewhat related, does the paperback have to be published in order to get author copies?

In a perfect world I'd like to set the release dates for both formats in early October, but have a supply of paperbacks on hand for the WV Book Festival the first weekend of that month. I fear I may have to upload the paperback and make it live well before that to have those on hand.