I, for one, had always looked forward to the day where I would see my name in print. I still do. However, Kylie O'Brien already has 7 books on GoodReads/Amazon and Kylie O'Brien Hall has a further 3. A search for K. O'Brien will bring up a best selling Kevin O'Brien, and I feel I can't have two initals coupled with O'Brien, otherwise it would sound like too many letters - K.A.O'Brien.

So I turned to pen names, but I've only come up with two I like. Kye Spreckley, which is very unique, personal and unisex (I was named after a Kie, it has connections to my favourite fandom & Spreckley is my grandmother's maiden name). BUT I'm not sure it fits the crime/thriller genre. For this reason, I'm thinking I'll hold onto it for the future. And K.A. Winters - because many consider winter cold, dark and depressing (but for me, it's my favourite season and it makes me so happy ). But there's also a K.B. Winters on Amazon with lots of books, so I don't know if that would also cause an issue! If I was using initals, I'd still like to keep my own...

But otherwise I've been at a loss trying to come up with anything else... Looking up other authors in youre genre? Yes... but that's just telling me which famous names to avoid as opposed to how to come up with my own unique one. I see people turn to middle names, family names, pets, street names... but I've got no other names in those areas I'd want to use - too boring/old-fashioned/weird/foreign. So where else do people turn to for inspiration? What's your process of brainstorming & elimination? Generators? I've tried them too! A mix of your favourite things and grabbing a letter from each? xD I think I might be on the right track for winter, but I looked up 150 winter inspired names and nothing stuck! I'm soo picky when it comes to names, and I guess even more so when it's going to be referring to me.

And yes, I know it's not important yet until I have a finished manuscript, but as someone looking to self-publish and build up a following and domain/usernames, I like to be prepared. Plus, doing stuff related to my writing is a definite motivator to actually write!