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My name's Josie, and I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself to the Absolute Write community.

I've been writing fiction for a very long time - my dad claims I "wrote" a picture book back before I knew how to write (I apparently SWORE to him that I'd remember what the squiggles meant). I love writing, and it's become one of my favorite pastimes - and now I'm trying to make a career out of it!
Hi Josie. Sounds like you were quite the writer from a young age. I had a somewhat similar, but also dissimilar experience, when I was 8 I was in a cult school, and one of the things they had us do (1st grade) was write a short "book" I was reading Sherlock Holmes at the time so I wanted to write a Sherlock Holmes mystery, which I sort of did, but I didn't really understand how to have clues and show Sherlock noticing something and making a deduction, so when I needed to end the story I just had him receive a phone call which told him how to catch the murderer. Not super great, but for an 8-year-old I think actually pretty good, it had a beginning, middle and end at least.