My name's Josie, and I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself to the Absolute Write community.

I've been writing fiction for a very long time - my dad claims I "wrote" a picture book back before I knew how to write (I apparently SWORE to him that I'd remember what the squiggles meant). I love writing, and it's become one of my favorite pastimes - and now I'm trying to make a career out of it!

I currently live in the Midwest, but I'm originally from New England. I write primarily Adult Sci Fi and Fantasy, because I adore the process of building a world and populating it with characters, but I dabble in most genres if the mood strikes me. As a member of the queer community, I also try to incorporate LGBTQ+ characters into all or most of my work. I don't consider my writing to be in the "Queer Fiction" genre - the characters are queer, but I want more than anything to help normalize the queer experience by placing characters in stories that allow for, but do not rely on, their queerness.

I read like I write - SFF has my heart, but I'll read anything that's good, especially if it's queer. I'd also be happy to do some beta reading - fantasy would be where I was most comfy for that, but I'm happy to help with anything that includes queer characters!!

Besides writing (though, really, BECAUSE of my love of writing), I'm very in to DnD, and enjoy both playing and DM'ing. I also love MTG and am trying to re-learn my teenage guitar playing skills.

I'm very excited to participate in the Absolute Write community and make friends with some other awesome writers! I look forward to meeting you all