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For professional editing, $0.02/word is pretty good. About ten years ago I worked for an outfit as a copy editor/proofreader that charged roughly that (I got half and the service I worked for got the other). I could have made a lot more if I was freelance, but it was worth it to have the service deal with the clients, advertizing, etc. All I had to do was edit. I've never done developmental editing so I have no idea what the rates are for that.

As for the time, to get the quote, it is vacation season However if you had talked with her before it would have been courteous of her to let you she was going to be out of the office. It's hard to read into stuff like that.

ETA: The two cents a word was for shorter documents, and for novels (which I didn't do) it was less, but two cents doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Copy editing/proofreading at 1500 words per hour is $30/hour.
Oh, it's definitely not out of line or unreasonable. It's just at the top end of what I've been running into for novels. What I'm seeing ranges from .008/word on the low end to 2/word on the high end. The majority {of ones I've personally researched, which I'm sure is a small drop in the bucket} seem to fall somewhere in the .012-.016 range.