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Thread: Would an editor decline a job that is 'too polished' already?'

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    Would an editor decline a job that is 'too polished' already?'

    I've requested quotes on Reedsy toward self publishing. Several are good and I am already learning the ropes about this stage of the process.

    One editor responded with "I prefer projects that need more work than your sample pages indicate." Basically--editor declined the request/gave no quote on the basis that there wasn't much to sink teeth into, edit wise.

    Is this a thing? That pages in good shape are something a person would decline to work on? (I can sort of imagine it, but the other hand... I would have thought an easy job would be a welcome project.)

    I'm hoping for some editor insight here. Is the joy of editing making a difference in a project? It was so unexpected and I hadn't heard of this in the past.
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