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Thread: President Proposes Bold Weather-Engineering Strategy, Everything is Totally Fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyv View Post
    Oh, I

    Just as they're happy to live under a dictatorship, as long its their guy hurting the right people. I don't understand that mentality. I don't want to "own" them. I want them to be ok. I want us all to be ok.
    I remember reading an article some time ago about how this "destroy the opposition" thinking that's taken over politics, particularly on the Right, stems in part from our country's obsession with sports as a metaphor for everything. The way political elections are discussed are similar to the way sports are discussed--in terms of scores, win-loss records etc. How is "our guy/gal doing this week? Will they win the championship? There seems to be less and less focus on why we care about one versus the other anyway.

    Maybe this is some of it, but the US has been obsessed with sports for a long time. It may be because computers and the internet has made it easier to track those moment-to-moment changes in status, plus the intense competition for eyeballs and clicks.

    I also can't discount the psychology of political ideology itself. Plenty of studies have suggested that fear makes people angry and that conservatives have historically been more afraid and angry that liberals for various proposed reasons. It's also been suggested that conservatives and liberals respond to fear and anger differently.

    The problem with most of the above studies, of course, is they can't really determine whether a greater innate (or learned in family of origin) penchant for fear makes people conservative, or if holding conservative views makes people more fearful. In general, Conservatism has been defined as being averse to change, as wanting to keep the status quo. So it's logical to assume that people who are comfortable with the status quo, who have benefited most from it are naturally going to be conservative compared to people who have felt marginalized by the status quo. And those who cherish the status quo would obviously be afraid of having it taken from them and angry at those they think are responsible.

    The mindset that everything is a zero sum game, that life is a competition and that benefiting one group has to hurt another doesn't help.

    I think that's behind the weird alliance between the rich (who tend not to be that conservative socially) and working-class white guys, who are not as economically secure as they once were. It's not like women or people of color feel secure either, but they've been insecure all along (and are tired of it) and see change as a possible way of becoming more so.

    So is there a way to convince working class white guys--more of them, at least--that we're in this together, that's it's not all about competition, and that certain changes will help all of us?

    And is there a way to stop people on the Left from becoming more angry and fearful, until they feel just as much hate towards people on the Right as people on the Right already feel toward us?
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