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Thread: Question about High Schools/Teen Suicide

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    Thank you for all your advice and life experiences. Even though the MC did not know the classmate who passes away, it is the central part of the whole book, not just something thrown in. I also don't take this subject lightly, being a suicide survivor myself and someone who has had depression and anxiety since I was about 12. Because of this, I've been wanting to write a novel on the topic for many years. I've read a bunch of YA books that deal with suicide and depression, and I always feel like they don't quite get it right. Any kind of illness can be experienced in so many different ways, and as of yet, I have not read the book that tells the story the way I lived it. I want to write this book to help spread light on a topic that I still feel many think is taboo, or difficult to talk about. For someone out there it might be the book that does get it "right" for them and helps make a difference.
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