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Thread: Rethinking Conflict

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    Nov 2017
    I think two things. One, that it seems different people come to the idea of conflict with different fundamental ideas of what the word means. When the idea of conflict was first brought to my attention, and I don't remember by whom, it was definitely in the 'car-chase, explosion, gun battle' sort of way. A nice stabbing. Pain, screaming.

    I found the idea of 'conflict must be on the page' ridiculous because of that. The idea of violence and death is not hard to find amongst writerly advice, at least in my experience.

    And two, that there's so much emphasis on 'conflict' that things like... 'joy' and 'love' and 'pleasure' seem to go by the wayside. I'd personally say a book must have joy, and without joy it's a pointless read. not something I'd particularly care to read.

    Sure, conflict can lead to greater joy, and I'm not saying no conflict (I'm saying what I said above, #1 and #2.) I'd personally prefer if the idea of positive emotions was as emphasized as negative ones. Your story could use a little more love. That preference of mine is probably why the mentor archetype (Gandalf) and the best friend archetype (Samwise) are often my favorite characters, time and again.

    Maybe too, conflict might naturally finds it way into stories, and its so ubiquitous that some of us don't realize it. The broader definition of it in this thread (which I've also heard here and there) makes it hard to imagine any story could get by or be written without any conflict.

    Oh well, good morning everyone. Coffee.
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