Hi everybody!
I need your opinion on an idea regarding personalized books. I was thinking of writing original short stories, not for wide-broad publishing but only for a client who would be interested in receiving such a product.
Many people have certain ideas, cherished memories or are inspired by their favorite books. What if I can offer short stories written specifically for a certain person so that they can see these ideas come to life?
Considering many of us don't have enough time for writing or simply lack the necessary skills, I want to create these unique stories so our clients could have a written retrospection on a valuable aspect of their imagination.
I am currerntly in the process of forming prices for such service, not an easy task, and I would just like to know what you think of this. it is just a small project of mine that is currently at a starting phase. I did do a small test already and people who received my stories were pretty happy with it so we will see how the whole thing goes on.
Thank you!!