There's a scene coming up in the MG fantasy I'm writing where the MC's invited over to tea at a classmate's house, and I'd like some advice on it (I know what happens from the "story function" perspective - it's the "everyday details" I need help with).

The essentials:

1. The MC is an 11-year-old American girl who's just moved to England with her family - a small out-of-the-way town, to be precise.

2. The classmate is a girl the same age, who comes from a well-to-do family (her father's one of the more important people in town).

3. They've become "friends of a sort". The MC's solitary by inclination and hasn't been seeking out friends, but the other girl was assigned the task of showing her about at school and they got to know each other well that way. The other girl, much more outgoing, wants to be friends with the MC, and so invites her over for some sort of afternoon tea on the week-end. (The MC might have normally turned the invitation down, but she's after a mischievous shape-shifting trickster sprite who's running loose and has singled out the other girl as the target for most of its practical jokes. So she decides to keep company with the other girl, in the hopes of a) catching the trickster if it shows up to prank the other girl and b) protecting the other girl, since the trickster's pranks are getting meaner and more dangerous. But she sees the other girl more as a client than a friend at this point.)

4. The "tea" is on a Saturday afternoon; the MC is the only person invited. (The other girl has intended it as a sort of "getting-to-know-you-better" occasion.)

I'd like some idea of what such an afternoon tea would be like under those circumstances. (The tea scene doesn't last long; the trickster soon crashes it, but I'd like to be able to get right the details for what we do see before it shows up.)