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Thread: Beta Reader for Sci-Fi Political Thriller (88k words)

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    Beta Reader for Sci-Fi Political Thriller (88k words)

    Looking for betas to read my distant future sci-fi manuscript! Just finished the first couple beta-reads + revisions.

    Quick blurb:
    Famed inventor Deborah can’t step outside without the haze searing her eyes. That’s life on Earth in 18,000 AD. Her son deserves better but new worlds are out of reach. At least until Deborah unveils her latest masterpiece: a theoretical faster-than-light starship. But her innovation is deemed a threat by political powers with their own vision for humanity. To protect herself, her family, and her project, Deborah will have to navigate political and corporate intrigue and uncover secrets hidden by the aftermath of a recent war. A war not everyone agrees is finished.

    While I'm open to commentary on anything that crosses your mind as you read, I'm especially interested in criticism on the characters' development arcs. I'm particularly interested in readers who are parents since my main character is one, and I am not (though that is definitely not a requirement).

    I'm also open to swapping! I most enjoy sci-fi and fantasy. Will consider any genre/age group outside of Middle-Grade, Historic, or Romance (romance subplots are fine). PM or posting here is fine. Any questions, feel free to ask!
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