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Thread: Beta Needed for Upper MG Fantasy

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    Beta Needed for Upper MG Fantasy

    I kinda froze this post because I realized it wasn't ready. Probably still isn't quite ready, but at least it's completed and revised once so far. So back on the beta hunt!

    Again, a little about the story, it's an Upper MG Fantasy about a girl named Faith. She has to plant herself in the ground every 7 days or she will die. Her mission is to find the missing child she has special senses for. Only problem is, every time she comes out of the ground, she's something completely different like a wild dog, or a squirrel. She sometimes comes up as a human girl too, but it never last long. And ultimately, that's all she wants, is to be human. She searches for the true meaning of her life, finding something that's been missing all along.

    I can swap MG or YA. We can test each other out with just a few chapters to see if we are compatible. If you're interested, you can respond here or send me a PM.
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