I finished the first drafts of my trilogy that I am going to indie publish. I know good editors fill their calendars well in advance, so I've been shopping for a developmental editor while I do revisions. I got some recommendations from my writers' group, and one of the editors was actually high on my list of people I'd found in my own organic search. I reached out via a form on her website and two days later, she emailed me, asking about the project, etc, and asked me for the first 20 pages of the ms so she could work up a quote. (No prices listed on her website.)

So I responded the same day, answered all her questions, and sent the pages she requested. This was on the 15th. (I got an auto-response, so I know she got my email.)

I haven't heard anything since.

To be clear, she's not doing a sample edit at this point, the pages were solely to work up a quote.

I've never hired an editor before, but it seems like it's taking a really long time just to get a rate quote? (8 business days)

It's entirely possible I'm feeling impatient because this is all new to me, so I thought I'd ask for a reality check here.