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tbh, I've never heard of an author using Twitter ads.

I've been experimenting a bit with FB ads but have yet to really get them to work for me, and you can spend a lot of money playing around with FB ads.

I use AMS ads and I've come out ahead there...but it's not like it's made a huge impact on my sales.

You also have to keep in mind that many authors are willing to accept a loss on the book they're advertising, or they advertise free books...with the assumption that they will make it back on read-through, ie, readers then buying their other books, especially in the same series.

So if you have no backlist yet, it can be hard to really make some ads worthwhile.
Great point! Only so much you can do until you got at least three books. In self-publishing the back list is the ticket. And yes, I agree that ROI comes in different forms not just immediate sales. For wide authors especially, it's about brand building first and having a long term strategy.