They'd previously been a pay-upfront-only operation, and I suspect that caused a lot of authors to shy away because it can be expensive. At their lowest narrator rate of $150 per finished hour, that put my 87k first book at near $1,750 for production, and I just don't have that kind of scratch sitting around. Their deal at that rate was that the author got 80% of the royalties.

WIth what they're calling Voices Share, you now pay 1/2 of the production cost instead of all of it, and the narrator gets 20%, cutting your share to 60%.

The kind of interesting part is that they allow you to buy out of that down the road. Using my example, I would pay $750 for my book. But if I want out, I can pay $1,500 and the royalty share ends. The blog post doesn't make the mechanics of that process clear, only that it exists.

I'll be looking Findaway a little more closely. I think they're wider than ACX.