It's that time again, folks.

When we started quarterly fund drives, it was with the goal of being able to drop Google and other advertiser-driven, cookie-based ads that invade our member's browser histories. We did this for a few reasons. Foremost, we were tired of GoogleAds exerting control over content. We wanted to improve member-experience. We wanted to protect member privacy. We don't want to charge a subscription for access to the forums.

So far, we're making it work. I hadn't realized how much faster pages would load, but AW Admin informs me that by removing the Google and passback ads, there are hundreds of cookies we aren't waiting for, so it makes sense.

We have several pretty important renewals coming up, in addition to regular hosting expenses, and the community can help. If you're in a place to chip in -- even a buck or two -- it's deeply appreciated, and lets us continue to be here.

Some of you have expressed a wish for these periodic reminders, so here it is.

Those of you who've signed up for a repeating voluntary subscription, and those of you who've pitched in to help with the costs of the site, THANK YOU! You're a crucial part of why we're still here.