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Thread: Querying Agents and Agent Requests

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    practical experience, FTW Sonya Heaney's Avatar
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    Apr 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by hopper0001 View Post
    The romance is a very integral part of the story, yes (and it's a very innocent and not steamy romance at that). And it is a coming of age, yes. But when you go to put down the genre on the title page of your manuscript writing "Coming of age with romantic elements" would look pretty strange to me, and probably to an agent as well. Wouldn't it be better to display it as genre: Coming of age/romance? Not sure. I want them to know it has a "love" (or romantic) element in it, but it is by no means a romance novel. That is something TOTALLY different! I think of bare chested tan guys with hot babes lying next to them when I think Romance novel ha ha ha
    Firstly, yeah, all romance authors are dumb bimbos. I know I'm pretty stupid. If you're incapable of saying the word "romance" without making a joke about it, you shouldn't be writing it.

    Secondly, no. “Romantic Elements” is an actual genre classification. The romance genre has very specific rules, and your story doesn’t fit into it.

    I am a romance author, and yet I pitched a new book to my publisher the other week and I called it Romantic Elements because it would have broken all genre promises to call it a romance.

    “Romantic Elements” is totally, completely a thing. If you’re unfamiliar with romance genre regulations it’s hugely disingenuous to say you’ve written in that field when you haven’t.

    (I'm probably being a bit overly sensitive, but I spent this weekend caught up in Big Family Drama because of certain misogynists in our midst...)
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