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Thread: Carina Press/An Idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earthling View Post
    Most romance presses--I'd go so far as to say ALL good romance presses--will have the same policy, whether they state it outright or not. Romance readers get really angry about cheating.
    I wrote a romance that includes cheating (I queried it as "a husband and wife fall back into love after an Indecent Proposal in Victorian England", and currently have a full out with an agent). I agree that there are some presses, like Entangled, which don't accept any romance that has cheating, even if that occurs off-page and in the past, but if there are no good presses which accept cheating in romance, Mary Balogh's Dancing with Clara and The Secret Pearl would not have been published.

    I also agree that a lot of romance readers don't want cheating, but from reading comments on All About Romance, I think there are also romance readers who don't feel this is a dealbreaker, or who feel whether the cheating is forgivable depends on the context, and so on.
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