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Thread: Carina Press/An Idea

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    practical experience, FTW Sonya Heaney's Avatar
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    Apr 2019
    Trying to pigeonhole a non-romance book into the romance genre is never going to work, and I see people attempting it all the time. Just as crime/mystery etc. has genre "rules", so does romance.

    Quote Originally Posted by mccardey View Post
    My first book (back in the 1990s) was for kids. When it came out, everyone and their rabbit who planned to write a book one day used to tell me that they were going to knock out a few kids' books and then 'move up'.

    I've never written memoir (except for the fact that everything I've ever written is a thinly-disguised revenge-memoir ) but a few years ago an (o/w/m) neighbour decided to write a book as well, and thought that he'd begin by starting a writers' group. He put an ad for his group in the local paper that said, at the end, 'No time-wasters. No self-publishers. NO MEMOIRS.'

    I'd love to tell you how that worked out for him, but alas I'm a terrible time-waster, so I couldn't join up.

    People are funny things.
    Ugh, I'm helping a Vietnam veteran write a memoir at the moment, and it's possibly the most difficult thing I've ever done (and talking all things army with a Military Cross-winning career soldier when I don't have a clue what I'm going on about... ). I can't stand people who think some genres are so much better than others. And the idea of moving "up"? So many people plan to start with "easy" romance and then write "real" books when they're established.

    While there are some self-published romance authors making really good money on Kindle Unlimited, it's such a competitive area to write in. I've just been speaking to some people who took two decades to sell a book. Because romance is that easy...

    Edit: I just remembered it's Children's Book Week in Australia, and I've just read a few kids' books because of it. I don't think there are many other genres where each word has to count for so much. Not exactly an easy job!
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