Good morning All…

As I mentioned in my introduction post, I’m here to learn and eventually, if need be, provide advice from my seventy-odd years as a ‘Jack of all Trades.’
(I’m willing to help anyone needing info concerning the Brigade of Guards, bagpipes, Waterloo, watches, jewellery and antique clocks)

Although writer’s block was a nuisance, it turned out to be more of an excuse in order to focus on all the other issues linked to selling books.
Having left school at the age of fifteen, I’m in no way an intellectual. Because of it and to have an Editor chuck my manuscript in the bin, simply because he’s just noticed Anna Burns’ name on the top of the pile; the system didn’t quite appeal to me.
In addition, being a serial entrepreneur, I also didn’t appreciate the idea of an ‘Editor’ driving around in a Porsche thanks to my years of hard work and research; while I receive a pittance for ‘every’ book sold. Forgive me if I’m hitting hard !
As such…, here goes !

I don’t want to go into the nitty-gritty of my business and financial plans, suffice it to say that I have a minimum of 500 potential contacts…, principally via the social media, all seven RHQs and other sources. (‘Septem Juncta In Uno’ - my book is regimental history)
Now…, I’ve been working intimately with Hong Kong for the past ten years, so I intend to have them print 500 books. (500 being the minimum quantity order) Although I’ve not yet contacted them concerning the costs as I’ve other more important issues to contend with, (like writing) I know from experience with having them print our catalogues, their average price is less than one third the price of what it would cost if I have the books printed here in Belgium.
(“500 exemplaires pour 8378 EUR+TVA”)

It’s easy to calculate the profit margin…, 500 x £25 = £12.500, less the printing costs, shipping and the eventual 6% VAT.
However, here’s my problem ! What’s to stop the Chinese Company copying the contents (even if it is protected) and post it on some ‘Kindle’ or Alibaba site without permission ?
I ask that more through the fact that after selling the stock, I could then turn to an Editor saying; “here’s the proof that it sells”! He/she would then turn to their, outlets, but they’d then have Chinese competitors.
(an afterthought…, I suppose that’s the same for any book on the market !?!)

Ahhh ! First post…, quite pleased really !
Kind ReGuards…, Iain.