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Thread: BWQ derail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bufty View Post
    AW Admin will give her own response here, but because of the way your opening paragraph was phrased I for one did interpret your opening paragraph to mean the opposite of what you now say you intended it to mean.
    I actually think that Ninten’s post was one of the most constructive on this thread and certainly more constructive than AW admin’s response which is essentially simply a disagreement on the usage of the term “rules” but presented as a condescending lecture, some of which doesn’t even make sense (“this is not true for all forms of writing” - possibly technically true but I can’t think of many forms of fictional writing where there is never a risk of over-showing?)

    Admin’s point, would could have been made less confrontationally, is that “rules” gives the impression of being prescriptive when thinking of them as “guidelines” is more productive. I would agree with this, and I think Ninten actually made that point quite well him/herself, particularly in their first paragraph, which states explicitly that there can be positive outcomes from breaking these rules. Ninten then gives some very good examples of how following the rules can actually lead one astray.

    One can get into the semantics of the word “rules” (introduced by the OP not Ninten) but given that it is open to interpretation, and that just about everyone on this thread, including Ninten, has made it clear they are not absolute prescripts, I think that is unnecessary.

    I am actually quite shocked that an admin would respond to a new contributor the way he or she did.

    I now await the personal abuse, but don’t expect me to respond.
    Last edited by WillST; 08-14-2019 at 06:04 PM.

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