Hello everyone,

I'm hoping to contribute and engage with a lot of you here.

I write science fiction and fantasy, usually not both in the same book but we know how fiction goes.
I love to read fiction of most any kind, I enjoy biographies in non-fiction and have read a lot of manuals and things, but going back, definitely read more fiction than non fiction. Last time I donated my books to the library I gave in over five thousands books I had finished and kept a few years.

I started writing in my teens, had a burglary (not uncommon in SA) and had my boxy computer and all backup disks taken. Started again sometime later, then the third time was with a friend who pushed me to do it and I now have two books to my name, so progress indeed.

I do enjoy helping out a community of writers and aspiring writers, so I would be happy to see if I can help in any way. The world of writing, the landscape of digital distribution, its changing and has changed. Part of our ability to support each other comes first from being willing.

I still work a day job while writing, with the hope that I can switch to full time.
Until then I practice as much as possible and work to deadlines, while keeping up to date on many things science related.

Drop me a line whenever.