Russia has been trying to develop a nuclear-powered cruise missile. The bomb on the missile is conventional, but a mini-nuclear reactor powers the missile itself. They've had several set-backs on developing this...well, frankly, INSANE idea, but last week, there was an explosion that resulted in the most Chernobyl-style response imaginable. (Imagine Kevin Bacon's character trying to stop the stampede in Animal House.)

Basically, it looks like the explosion killed 7 directly (5 of them nuclear scientists from Rosatom), the doctors who treated the injured have now been taken to Moscow for exposure to radiation, the nearest town had a run on iodine tablets, was scheduled to be evacuated, and today that evacuation cancelled and, apparently Russia didn't learn one damn thing from Chernobyl. They've lied, changed their story, accused others of lying, and it's a pretty likely chance that there is an open nuclear reactor now sitting in the White Sea off the coast near Severodvinsk.

It's quite a thing...

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