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Thread: Formatting and uploading to Amazon in 2019

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    Formatting and uploading to Amazon in 2019

    I'm curious if I'm on the right wavelength in my understanding of self-publishing through Amazon.

    From my first foray into the KDP world (yesterday) it looks like I will upload my 'stuff' (manuscript, cover, etc) as an ebook. They walk me through the formatting and all the other details.

    And then I can upload for POD, which is through Amazon too but uses basically the Create space system, which Amazon acquired. And the formatting will be different for POD, the steps a bit different, but the two processes (ebook and POD) are largely similar in process.

    Does that sound right? Am I grokking how this works?

    And -- the KDP-Select is an option I can take, and that would limit me to selling through Amazon but can have advantages... and I can switch back to regular KDP later if I want to expand my outlets?

    And, if I buy a ISBN it will be consistent across platforms but if I suspect I won't use other platforms I might as well take Amazon's free identifier... Any other advantages to getting an ISBN independently and owning it?
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