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How does one line edit around these things? Is it a learned skill, or is it a matter of not paying attention to the grammar at all? How do you know if these things are intentional or not? Would a publishing house be willing to overlook the style, or would they insist on changing it?
Okay, as a writer, I have an editor I work with regularly who changes my style to the "correct" style for both the publication and CMS. I simply revert back to my original where appropriate. I know why I used the style I did and why it works, even without a MA. But I don't butt heads with him because he is correct and he does excellent, timely, work.

As an editor, I have had to work with writers who don't have a good grasp of English (technical books don't sell in Urdu very well...) and I correct all the errors as needed. Occasionally I get questioned, sometimes angrily, about why I changed it. I just send back a note that says I corrected to a proper style but they are free to accept or reject any changes as they wish. And, on a really rare occasion, I corrected grammar on a straight line edit and the author sent me a four page, profanity laced, email about how I couldn't possibly be trained in the English language and that she knew better than anyone how to write. I sent her deposit back with a note that I was sorry creative differences wouldn't allow us to work together. Six months later she contacted me for a final copy edit and I ignored the request.

Sometimes, you and a writer just won't mesh. In those cases it's best for you, and the writer, to part ways.