Hello! Let's start a THINK TANK!

Are you an Outliner?
Have you been searching for spreadsheets, in-document checklists,
and other people who drool over story structure mechanics?
Am I asking too many questions at the beginning of this thread?

Well, buddy, are you in luck! I searched the AbsoluteWrite forum for
almost five whole minutes and came to the same conclusion:

I also need friends, and WE NEED A NEW THREAD.

This is the first post of what I hope will be many. The idea is that we
can amass a collection of story checklists, whittle them down, and-if
we eat all of our vegetables-we might be able to create an outline for
those who want to "paint/write-by-numbers."

If there's a big response to this, that would rock my world. I'm not selling
anything, and I'm not trying to promote my own work. Over the years,
I've met a group of talented writers who swear by their outlining methods.
We share this type of stuff regularly, critiquing (or "talking sense to") each
other's methods. I can only imagine what we might accomplish here.

Pardon me... I heard it's customary for new threads to draw a circle in
the dirt and sacrifice a bucket of baby ampersands... ahem:

"Blessed be the moderators, full of grace, may we flourish."

Okay, now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let's see if
we can get ten responses. If I can get ten people to give me a
thumbs up, I'll commit time every week to combining the thread's
favorite ideas. Not every idea is a good idea, but every idea might
pull someone else up.

Let's spark each other's imaginations!